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Just what is "internet marketing"?

  • Yes, it's about websites - but it's more than that.
  • Yes, it's about web marketing - but only partially
  • Yes, it's about email marketing - but that's only a part of it.
  • Yes, it's about technology and software - but that's a side issue.
  • Yes, there are hundreds of different facets to internet marketing; that's the challenge to you.
  • Yes, it's like "real world" marketing - but there are some unique twists to it. We've spent years learning these twists.
  • Yes, it's about people - and that is a key issue!

Whatever you are selling, whoever you are selling to, at the end of the communication chain are people.

We know the technology. But more importantly, we know how to sell to people.

Maybe, just maybe, that gives an edge over many other "internet marketing" companies.

Put us to the test right now. Ask us what we know about how to sell to your customers - and your prospective customers - using the power of the internet.


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