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Ian Traynor, Senior Partner, Traynor Kitching & AssociatesTKA - "Traynor Kitching & Associates" - was formed as a strategic marketing consultancy in 1986, and stayed in that sector until the mid-1990s. At that time, Ian Traynor, senior partner in the consultancy thought that the internet might just be a valuable marketing tool.

At that time, Microsoft's Bill Gates was rubbishing the internet, saying that it was a passing fad!

For some years, TKA was run as a part-time business, gaining increasing experience in internet marketing. Its focus during those years was the very popular Marketing Magic website, which continues to be a huge - and free - marketing resource. TKA's online commercial wing, Marketing Drive, was launched in the early years of this century, supplying information and software tools for sales and marketing people.

In 2005, TKA was re-launched as a purely internet marketing company, providing specialist knowledge, services and tools, primarily to the business community.

Working through an international network of associate specialists, we can offer resources which are normally only to be found in larger organisations.

TKA is based in the beautiful medieval city of York in northern England.


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