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Exodus Abroad is a UK-owned company, which sells property in Kefalonia, a Greek island. Based in Kefalonia, this business is ideally placed to give prospective holiday property owners an inside track into the advantages and pitfalls of buying and owning property in this delightful and desirable part of the Mediterranean.

Exodus Abroad is a collaboration between Michelle Jackson and her Kefalonian partner, with more than 18 years experience of construction on the island. The company set up an attractive and usable website. It gave valuable information. It had a searchable database of the properties available. There was only one problem..

Very few people could find the website.

This is where we came in. Here's what we did..

  • We examined how people were finding websites which handled properties in Kefalonia.
  • We looked at the most effective search terms that people used (the "demand and supply" equation - how many people searched on a particular keyword, and how many websites came up with that keyword).
  • We examined the structure of their web pages, and found that the content of each page was buried deep within the code. So we suggested how the keyword data could be moved far higher up the web page code, so that the search engines could index the key content so much easier.
  • We used the new Google "sitemap" technology to build an XML sitemap that meant that the key search engine, Google, could index the site more regularly, and more effectively.

So, what were the results? Here's what Michelle Jackson said about our work:

"We are very impressed with what TKA has done. You have taken our website from virtually no visibility on any search engines to top 40 placements and increased our Google hits by 768 per cent in just two months! Not only has our website soared up the search engines but you have always been honest, professional, helpful and easily accessible. We would not hesitate to recommend your services to other people."

Now you can get the same results as Exodus Abroad!


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