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Today's internet marketing is driven by technologies which are evolving almost daily.

As a website owner, there is no pressing need to understand these technologies. It is enough that you are aware of what is available, and how they can meet your needs. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

  • Private areas on your site, accessible only to approved members or customers. This type of exclusivity can help to build relationships between you and your website visitors.
  • Customised or bespoke software - if you can visualise, with any application, the input (what the user enters into the software), the output (what they get as a result) and the bit in the middle (what turns the inputs into outputs) - if you can visualise all of this, our programmers can probably build it. You will then have something unique which you can either sell of give away.
  • eBooks (electronic books) - these have been incredibly popular, both as free give-aways or saleable products. Whilst the Adobe PDF format is very popular, there's a lot more that you can do with other eBook formats.
  • Databases - these can turn your website from a static collection of pages into a powerful online tool. Again, if you can visualise it, our specialised database programmers can probably build it.
  • eCommerce - selling items from your website. Sometimes this can be a lot easier than you think! A lot depends on what it is you want to sell. This will determine both the type of payment system and the delivery mechanism. If you want to trade online safely, you'll need to take appropriate safeguards.

These are just a few of the ideas which we can turn into reality for you. Contact us to discuss which technologies you think you could use. We may be able to think of a few more!


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