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Websites are what most people envisage when they think of internet marketing. And we've had years of experience designing and building websites for, mainly, small to medium sized organisations. We've been building websites since 1995, and our first site, "Marketing Magic", one of the first UK marketing websites, is still going strong today.

You can view our website portfolio here.

Whether it is designing a completely new site, or doing a make-over on an existing site, we follow a consistent plan:

  • We always start by discussing what the objectives of the site are. Without a strategic objective, a website is nearly useless. At this point, we decide which website technologies need to be deployed, and which of our associate technology experts we will use. We will also advise on appropriate web hosting services if your existing web host is not suitable.
  • From this starting point, we move on to designing both the structure and the "look and feel" of the site. It's important to get the structure right from the start to ensure that the site is both easy for visitors to navigate, and easy for you, the website owner, to update, maintain and develop the site in the future.
  • Once the design has been agreed, the site is then built. We use content (text and images) provided by you, but our service includes both constructive advice on improving both your copy and your images. If needed, we will use the services of our associate copywriters and graphic designers.
  • When the site has been built and approved by you, we will upload the site to your web server and make it live. Then, two more things will happen..
  • We will provide training so that you (and your staff) can maintain your website. We don't want to lock you into any "maintenance contracts". Adding new content to your site isn't rocket science! If your organisation is in the Yorkshire and Humberside region of the UK, we can provide on-site training sessions; it generally only takes half a day's training to get you and your staff proficient in keeping your site up-to-date. If you are located too far away, we will give you free access to online training videos. You will be able to view these step-by-step videos any time you like.
  • We will show you what you need to do to maintain a high visibility of your website in the search engines. We will not guarantee you "#1 listing in Google" or any nonsense like that (if anyone promises you this, run a mile from them). The website we will have built for you will already have been optimised for the search engines. But there will be other search engine marketing strategies you may want to consider - some for free, some for a fee. We will advise you on these strategies

If you have got an existing website, and you are not completely satisfied with how it is performing, contact us for a completely free review of your site.

Check out our website portfolio - and see how we've helped other businesses


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